Best Pick 3 Software On The Net

Best Pick 3 Software On The Net

You Have Just Found The Best Pick 3 Software Currently Available On The Net

pick3sifter pick 3 software pick 3 filters screenshot
Forget tic-tac-toe,  horoscope numbers, and paper calculations done with only a handful of numbers.
This unique pick 3 tool utilizes the power of computers to give you the exact statistics
for the repeats and delays of every number and every combination.
It will allow you to play the pick 3 lottery by making an educated guess about the numbers that are most expected.
By observing repeats-delays and patterns based on the analysis of the total amount of draws.
You can easily see that a 50 times delay on a particular digit is actually not so uncommon.
Especially if you have a big pool of past draws.

pick3sifter pick 3 software pick 3 filters screenshot ca pick 3 draws analysisHere you can see a screenshot of the pick 3 software in action,
this screenshot shows the analysis of repeats and delays of each digit of the California pick 3 lottery,
performed on 16247 past draws.

As you can see in the screenshot,
number 9 in the second position had a maximum delay of 104 times.
And number 2 in the third position had a maximum delay of 106 times.
The average max delay for all positions is between 70-80 draws.
And as the pool of draws is getting bigger the average delays are expected to grow.

Let’s say now that you keep track of the last 100 numbers in paper, and you find out that in the
second position, number six has a delay of 25 times.
If you don’t have the full picture, maybe you would think that this is a rare occurrence and
number six will definitely hit in the next few draws, but this is not the case.
As you can see in the screenshot on the right, number 6 in the second position has a maximum delay
of 64 times.

The pick 3 lottery is one of the simplest lotteries out there,
and I believe that you can win every now and then making actually a profit out of it in the long run.
The pick 3 combinations are a mere 1000 that recycle every few years, compared with the
millions of combinations for most other lotteries that would take thousands of years to recycle.
By recycle, I mean that of all the numbers that compose the lottery are already drawn at least once.
This recycling of the numbers gives us the advantage to look for minimum and maximum
repeats and delays, and recognize patterns that appear every now and then.
I’m not saying that by using the pick3sifter software you will be able to hit every draw,
but you will get a definite advantage once you start finding the right patterns and the right filters for each individual draw.
This pick 3 software is currently utilizing more than 100 filters with the prospect to add at least 100 more.
Besides the large number of filters, there are also some novelties that you will not find in any other lottery software.
Check the Unique Features.